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Toilet Research

Toilets are a popular research subject. They’re an essential part of modern life. Everybody has one, everybody uses them everyday, and everybody has an opinion.

Manufacturers are constantly researching new designs, products, and technologies. To be approved for market, fixtures must go through rigorous tests in which the flushing mechanism is deployed thousands of times.

This toilet model, made by Niagara Conservation, flushes by a tipping bucket rather than a conventional flapper. Photo source: Aquacraft, Inc., by permission.

Currently there are several research projects that are evaluating the effectiveness of several new toilet models as well as customer satisfaction with these products. Sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and two water providers (East Bay Municipal Water Utility District and City of Tampa Water Department), these studies measure water use in single-family homes before and after the installation of high-efficiency fixtures including toilets and clothes washers. Results from these studies should be available in 2002.

There are ongoing research efforts into toilet performance and toilet flapper durability being conducted by a number of independent laboratories. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California bench tests toilets and flappers to ensure that they meet performance standards. The National Association of Home Builders also has a bench testing lab for toilets.

For information on toilet research you can visit the following web sites:

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