Faucet Research

Manufacturers are constantly researching new faucet and sink designs, products, and technologies.

Currently there are several research projects that are evaluating the effectiveness of low-flow faucet aerators and electronic faucets, as well as customer satisfaction with these products. Sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency three water providers (Seattle Public Utilities, East Bay Municipal Water Utility District and City of Tampa Water Department), these studies measure water use in single family homes before and after the installation of high efficiency fixtures including faucet aerators, showerheads, toilets and clothes washers.

In the 2003 study conducted in Tampa, bathroom and kitchen aerators, as well as hands-free faucet fixtures such as electronic faucets were installed. This resulted in a decrease in faucet use of 3.2 gallons per capita per day, or 1,168 gallons per capita per year. While these savings are substantially less than those found for toilet and clothes washer retrofits, faucet retrofits represent a relatively inexpensive option for significant savings.

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Electronic faucets like the one below were included in a recent study conducted in the Tampa Water Department.

Photo source: Plumbing Supply Accessed September 25, 2003, by permission.